When I was seven years old my neighbour died. Eager to help his grieving family I drew random images on the base of an egg-carton box. Presenting this strange gift to his family made me realize the power of art. Engaging in art can help us to understand and accept this unpredictable world. If we are fortunate it may even enlighten us to who we are and, in the best circumstances, allow us to connect to others.

Since that time I have continued to develop an individual visual vocabulary. Living in the west of Ireland one learns that every form has a unique identity and story: fields, cliffs, spring wells, sea waves, trees, people, animals. The world is processed through the lens of narrative.

My paintings layer personal and cultural symbols inspired by communal histories, religious icons, landscape and architectural ruins. My practice, influenced by my art history background, employs a research-based approach. Resonating with beauty, mystery and lyricism are undercurrents of a witty acuity in representations of life; its myriad narratives, struggles, past and present.