Explore the mesmerizing world of Irish artist Marie Connole with captivating narratives, as she beautifully translates the essence of the sea into visual paintings and installations. Behold the Seaweed patterns that echo the artist's deep connection to Ireland's west coast and the transformative power of art.


Growing up on a farm along Ireland’s west coast, I was steeped in a world brimming with stories. Each field, tree, spring well, and animal carried their own tale. Experiencing the environment through these magical narratives shaped my perception of the world and continues to influence my art.

I believe in art. Through art I share my thoughts about the world, I connect to other people and I can understand my experiences. My career has developed through many diverse experiences, from solo exhibitions in the Irish Arts Center in New York and the National Gallery of Ireland, to the collaborative projects such as for EVA International and GUAC. Residencies at the Kilkenny Arts Office, SÍM in Iceland, Tyrone Guthrie Centre, and Studio 84 in New Zealand have left an indelible mark on my work. Working at cultural institutions like IMMA and the Anita Traverso Gallery in Melbourne have broadened my perspectives to the global nuances of art and connecting with diverse audiences.

In my youth I was honoured to represent Ireland at the European Community Competition. Recognitions such the Decade of Centenaries Arts Award, the Agility Award and the Creative Ireland Project Award have firmed my dedication in fostering creativity in others. I have acted as an adjudicator for renowned children’s art competitions and worked as a facilitator for various adult initiatives aimed at sharing the empowering impact of art across generations.

In my previous roles as Director of an artist studio and Chair of a rural arts collective, I champion the cause of accessible art. I am dedicated to creating a space where diverse perspectives converge, fostering conversations on environment that transcends geographical boundaries. For those eager to engage, I invite you to connect with me at marieconnole@gmail.com or follow me on my instagram account at marieconnole.art
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